The total number of Primorus Investments PLC shares in issue is 139,830,968.

The percentage of shares not held in public hands 41.27%.

The information on this page was updated as at close of business on 11/05/2024.

ShareholderNumber of ordinary sharesPercentage holding
HSDL Nominees Limited 42,074,801
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited 24,314,49117.39%
Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited
Norwich Van Centre **20,298,05314.52%
Rock Nominees 9,460,5456.77%
JIM Nominees Limited7,314,8975.23%
Lawshare Nominees 5,722,5024.09%
John Alexander Melvin Hemming **5,592,8094.00%
Barclays Direct Investing Nominees4,922,2323.52%

The Directors hold the following interests (through nominee accounts) in the ordinary shares:

Director/PCANumber of ordinary sharesPercentage holding
Rupert Labrum33,650,00024.06%
Hedley Clark *1,910,1231.37%
Elizabeth Clark *1,745,5501.25%
Matthew Beardmore

*The aggregate holdings of Elizabeth and Hedley Clark amount to 3,655,673 ordinary shares in the Company representing 2.61 per cent. of the Company’s issued share capital.

** These shareholdings, and the Directors shareholdings, are also included within the nominee accounts stated holdings.