The percentage of shares not held in public hands 21.88%.

This information was updated as at close of business on 19/03/2021.

ShareholderNumber of ordinary sharesPercentage holding
HSDL Nominees Limited (IWSIPP)19,660,08714.06%
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited (15941)9,594,018 6.86%
HSDL Nominees Limited (IWMAXI)
JIM Nominees Limited (JARVIS)7,997,269 5.72%
Barclays Direct Investing Nominees Limited (Client1)6,362,0624.55%
Share Nominees Limited6,310,7234.51%
JIM Nominees Limited (SIPP)5,878,1074.20%
HSDL Nominees Limited5,636,895 4.03%
John Alexander Melvin Hemming and family5,592,8094.00%
Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited (SMKTNOMS)5,471,515 3.91%
JIM Nominees Limited (ISA)4,827,655 3.53%
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited (VRA)4,720,876 3.38%
Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited (SMKTISAS)

The Directors hold the following interests (through nominee accounts) in the ordinary shares:

Director/PCANumber of ordinary sharesPercentage holding
Rupert Labrum29,500,00021.10%
Hedley Clark511,000 0.37%
Elizabeth Clark *482,3600.34%
Matthew Beardmore

*Elizabeth Clark is the spouse of Hedley Clark, Non-executive Director of the Company, and following this transaction, their aggregate holding amounts to 993,360 ordinary shares in the Company representing 0.71 per cent. of the Company’s share capital. The shares purchased represent 0.35 per cent. of the Company’s issued share capital.