The table set out below identifies the strategic investments and additional rights that Primorus Investments PLC (PRIM) has acquired.

Company NameNr. Shares Held by PrimorusPrice paid per shareCurrencyWebsite (where available)
SOA Energy14,9776.670GBPhttps://www.soaenergy.com/
Nomad Energy40,0007.500USDhttp://www.nomad-energy.com/
Truspine (IPO Round)138,8880.36GBPhttp://truspine.org/
Truspine (First Round)1,666,6660.30GBP
We Shop (First Round)37,3125.36GBPhttps://weshop.co.uk/
We Shop (Second Round)112,887 5.86GBP
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC (First Round)50,0004.00USDhttps://www.seecubic.com/
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC (Advisory Round)83,333USD
MEVIE (SEED INVESTMENT) (Founder Round)62,5000.16GBP
MEVIE (SEED INVESTMENT) (Seed Round)161,2900.31GBP
Zuuse (Interest Payment)65,0581.000AUDhttps://zuuse.com/
Zuuse (Round 2 First Tranche)1,000,0001.000AUD
Zuuse (Round 2 Second Tranche)1,000,0000.860AUD
Zuuse (Exercise of Options)1,000,0000.5AUD
Fresho (First Round)1,111,1110.270AUDhttps://www.fresho.com/
Fresho (Second Round)197,3680.380AUD
Fresho (Third Round)107,2440.475AUD
Fresho (Fourth Round)2,000,0000.575AUD
Engage (First Round)26,66715.00GBPhttps://www.engagetech.com/
Engage (Second Round)45,45622.00GBP
Engage (Third Round)5,34424.00GBP
Engage (Fourth Round)14,204
Engage (Fourth Round)70319.29GBP
Rogue Baron Limited (IPO Conversion)831,3580.07GBPhttps://roguebaron.com/
Additional Investment Rights
Tomco Energy PLC – right to exercise warrants with a strike price of GBP 1.5p (expires on 10/02/2022)1,923,0770.015GBPhttps://www.tomcoenergy.com/
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC – $7,050 Loan note bearing interest at 3% which is convertible into ordinary sharesTBCUSD
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC – Purchase of shares at no cost to Primorus11,750USD
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC – Warrants with an exercise price of zero5,775USD
Mustang Energy PLC (50 Convertible Loan notes of a nominal $50,000.00 each with an interest rate of 10% per annum) TBC0.20GBPhttp://mustangplc.com/
Warrants to subscribe for new shares in the capital of Mustang Energy PLC (one warrant being issued for each two Mustang Conversion Shares held by Primorus), exercisable at a price per share of 30 penceTBC0.30GBP