The tables set out below identify the strategic investments, non-core investments and additional rights that Primorus Investments PLC (PRIM) has acquired.

Information on this page was last updated on 15/09/2023.

Strategic Investments
Company NameNr. Shares Held by PrimorusPrice paid per shareCurrencyWebsite (where available)
Payapps (Interest Payment)65,0581.000AUDhttps://payappscompany.com/
Payapps (Round 2 First Tranche)1,000,0001.000AUD
Payapps (Round 2 Second Tranche)1,000,0000.860AUD
Payapps (Exercise of Options)1,000,0000.5AUD
Fresho (First Round)1,111,1110.270AUDhttps://www.fresho.com/
Fresho (Second Round)197,3680.380AUD
Fresho (Third Round)107,2440.475AUD
Fresho (Fourth Round)2,000,0000.575AUD
Engage (First Round)26,66715.00GBPhttps://www.engagetech.com/
Engage (Second Round)45,45622.00GBP
Engage (Third Round)5,34424.00GBP
Engage (Fourth Round)14,204
Engage (Fourth Round)70319.29GBP
Rambler Metals & Mining PLC 1,500,0000.2685GBPhttps://www.ramblermines.com/
Clean Power Hydrogen2,000,0000.45GBPhttps://www.cph2.com/
Alteration Earth PLC5,000,0000.07GBPhttps://altearthplc.com/
Interpac Ltd42,7355.85GBPhttps://www.inter-pac.co.uk/
Interpac Ltd (Second Round)9,375 8.00GBP
BUSHVELD MINERALS LIMITED – Convertible Loan Note for £1,208,988 over the ordinary shares of Bushveld Minerals Limited (for the nominal amount of £1 each with an interest rate of 10% per Bushveld Minerals Limited – Amended Convertible Loan Note, repayable in cash, with a balance of approximately £405,000 remaining for payment as at the 11 September 2023)4,157,637 shares (including payment in shares for accrued interest) have been converted and sold.0.098987GBPhttps://bushveldmineerals.com/
Alteration Earth PLC – 1,800,000 warrants to subscribe for 1,800,000 ordinary shares with an exercise price of £0.003 per warrant (warrants are not exercisable until ALTE has completed its first acquisition) 00.003GBPhttps://altearthplc.com/
Non-Core Investments (legacy holdings)
SOA Energy14,9776.67GBPhttps://soaenergy.com/
We Shop (First Round)37,3125.36GBPhttps://weshop.co.uk/
We Shop (Second Round)112,8875.86GBP
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC (First Round)50,0004USDhttps://seecubic.com/
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC (Advisory Round)83,333USD
MEVIE (SEED INVESTMENT) (Founder Round)62,5000.16GBP
MEVIE (SEED INVESTMENT) (Seed Round)161,2900.31GBP
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC – $7,050 Loan note bearing interest at 3% which is convertible into ordinary sharesTBCUSD
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC – Purchase of shares at no cost to Primorus11,750USD
STREAMTV/SEECUBIC – Warrants with an exercise price of zero5,775USD